Jim Cramer, come and get your beat-down

Posted: March 14, 2009 in 16134696, daily show, finance, jon stewart, lies, pwnage

Y’know, I watched Cramer once about a week ago.  He was blathering on about making your portfolio “Obama-proof”, as if our present economic mess is somehow the current President’s fault.  So it was with no small amount of pleasure that I watched last night’s PWNage of the Mad Money guy at the hands of comedian and surprisingly thorough investigative reporter Jon Stewart.

WTF?  Jon Stewart?  Of the Daily Show?  Isn’t he a comedian?

Yep.  But apparently in his off-time, he’s been working on scoring a Pulitzer, Peabody, or whatever award investigative journalists get for doing a fucking awesome job of layin’ the smack down on puffed-up, self-important jackasses.  Watch on:

Jim Cramer On “Daily Show”: Full Unedited, Uncensored Video

It’s a beautiful thing, ain’t it?  For years, these jerks have been playing with fire and telling everyone what great fun it is, and now that the house has burned down they want to blame the parents for coming home early.  Time to grow up, assholes.

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