Psycho bitch Laura Ingraham on Meghan McCain

Posted: March 14, 2009 in conservatism, mccain, republicans, savage, silly, stupid

This is what passes for rational dialogue on the extreme Right these days (from Think

Now, here’s a pic of Meghan McCain.

Is she “plus-size”?  Hardly.  Regular readers of this site know I’m no fan of her father, and have been a frequent critic of his policies and attitudes toward veterans.  But calling a beautiful, curvaceous young woman like Meghan “plus size”, especially coming from an anorexic bitch like Ingraham, is simply ridiculous.

So here’s a note to Ms. Ingraham:  Just because a girl has breasts and hips, doesn’t mean she’s “fat.”  Men like women with curves and soft bits.  So shit-can the faux-valley girl mockery and mean-spirited weight jokes.

Grow up already.  And eat a steak while you’re at it, or if you’re not feeling that hungry, eat Ann Coulter.  The country doesn’t need her either.  And it would be nice to see the Far Right actually eating its own rather than just figuratively.


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