Fear and Loathing in Anchorage

Posted: March 31, 2009 in america, clueless, conservatism, lies, politics, power, republicans, tyranny

This latest news from Huffington Post should make all of us political bloggers sit up and take notice.  Apparently one of Alaska’s marginally competent Republican Congressmen took issue with being a regular feature on the now-famous Mudflats blog and decided to go on a personal crusade to reveal the identity of his tormentor.

In a recent letter to his constituents, the “Honorable” Mr. Doogan included this little missive:

The identity of the person who writes the liberal Democratic Mudflats blog has been secret since the blog began, protected by the Anchorage Daily News, among others. My own theory about the public process is you can say what you want, as long as you are willing to stand behind it using your real name. So I was interested to learn that the woman who writes the blog is Anchorage resident *name redacted*.

Best wishes,


It’s nice to know he’s got such deep thoughts about free speech and democracy in America.  What a lunatic.  He, and jackasses like him, are the reason so many of us choose to blog anonymously.  Anonymity is not a sign of cowardice, it’s a sign of prudence.  Anonymity and privacy are rights guaranteed by the Constitution, and have been a cornerstone of American politics since the Revolution.  Doogan’s actions are nothing short of political harrassment, the most anti-American thing any politician can do.  He has abused his power and position.  It’s not for Doogan to reveal the identity of anyone whose opinions he disagrees with.  If his critics choose to attack him anonymously, that’s their choice.  Obviously, based on recent events, they have their reasons.  Doogan isn’t a good American – he’s a coward and a traitor.

And that’s my anonymous 2 cents.

  1. NG Lynd says:

    What a gem! Kinda scary actually.

  2. Afrit007 says:

    More than scary. It’s downright tyrannical. Everyone out there needs to read this post to truly understand what AKMuckraker is dealing with up North:

    In Exposing the Identity of Mudflats Rep Mike Doogan Exposes Himself

    An elected representative using the power of his office to “out” a political critic. Doogan is a dangerous, dangerous man.

  3. NG Lynd says:

    I will put a post on my site about it.

  4. sauer kraut says:

    you call him a jackass, I call him a dingleberry.

    pass the tp, please.