Excellence in Self-Abuse

Posted: April 19, 2009 in anti-truth, lies, Limbaugh, rush limbaugh, stupid, torture, Uncategorized

There is a point in the life cycle of every talk show when the daily content begins to resemble self-parody.  I’m afraid Rush Limbaugh has reached that point.  Take, for example, this clip from yesterday’s show:

LIMBAUGH: These guys that we’re talking about, they’d cut off their own wives’ heads if they detect them doing something not within the bounds of the law. And we’ve got memos out there today saying how rude and horrible we are because we slapped people.

I just slapped myself. I’m torturing myself right now. That’s torture, according to these people.

Seriously, if the Fat Bastard really wants someone to torture him on the air, I’m sure he can find plenty of takers.  Then the stupid, arrogant, fat fuck can at least make an informed assessment of whether waterboarding and being “slapped around” is torture.

I’ll even provide the bucket and towel.

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