I’ve got my checkbook, when do I send the money?

Posted: April 24, 2009 in cowardly traitor, lying douchebag, rush limbaugh, sean hannity, torture, waterboarding

Yesterday on his program, Sean Hannity, in a desperate attempt to look anything other than the coward and fraud he is, made the worst mistake of his life.

He volunteered to be waterboarded “for the troops”.  Here’s the video:

Response was swift and predictable.  On Huffington Post, hundreds of people responded with suggestions and comments on how it should be done, which techniques should be used, and many even volunteered to do it themselves.

I personally wouldn’t want to do it, because I have a conscience and I don’t believe that should be done to anyone, even someone as despicable as Hannity.  However, if he’s offering up himself to take a hit for the troops, then I’ll be ready with my checkbook whenever he does it.  Keith Olbermann upped the ante last night during his “Worst Persons” segment:

He’s right.  This is no game.  I’m not a wealthy man, but I’ll say right now that if Hannity actually goes through with this, and doesn’t chicken out like we all know he will, then for every second he endures it, I’ll give $10 to a veterans’ charity to be named later.  If Rush Limbaugh joins him, I’ll double that.  If Karl Rove joins him, I’ll make it $50 per month for the next year.

Because this is no game.

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    Thanks for posting this! Great clips