I’m shocked

Posted: April 29, 2009 in america, anti-truth, sean hannity, stupid, torture, war crimes, waterboarding

Funny thing about spouting off at the mouth in public; people sometimes take you up on your word.  If you visit SeanHannity.com and search for “waterboard” or “waterboarding”, this is what you get:


Gee, I wonder why?

It’s been a week and his nose is still dry.  In a way, this is more fun than actually seeing it happen.  Hannity’s put himself between a rock and a hard place here.  Either he

a) backs out and doesn’t put our money where his mouth (and nose) is, thereby proving to the world that he’s a liar and a coward; or

b) he submits to the full experience of waterboarding according to the methods described by the CIA memos, in which case he will in all likelihood crack and be forced to admit waterboarding is torture and the Bush administration are therefore war criminals.

Of course, to get the full experience he must first be subjected to the full range of “enhanced interrogation methods” used by the CIA.  To wit:

  • Six or more days of sleep deprivation
  • Being held in “stress positions” for hours at a time
  • Forced confinement in a small box filled with insects (or whatever creepy thing Sean is afraid of, perhaps Nancy Pelosi)
  • Being slapped around for several minutes, time TBD
  • Alternating freezing and hot room temperatures

All at the same time.  Then, and only then, should he be waterboarded.

But we all know he won’t do it.  He’s a coward, a liar and a fraud.


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