Mustard Gas from the Far Right

Posted: May 10, 2009 in pathetic, sean hannity, stupid, waterboarding

Wow.  Just when you thought the extreme right couldn’t get any more idiotic, they go and up the ante on us.  Apparently, according to Hannity, Limbaugh, Ingraham et al, we’re to believe that Obama putting spicy Dijon mustard on his cheeseburger is some kind of “un-American” outrage.  Here’s Sean “Waterboard Me” Hannity criticizing the President for his choice of ground beef condiment:

What kind of guy puts Dijon mustard on a cheeseburger?  Um, how about an ADULT, Sean?  Someone who’s not 12 years old any more and has decided ketchup and (bleah) French’s yellow mustard is, well, kids’ stuff?

I put Dijon on my hamburgers, Sean.  And A-1 Steak sauce.  Got a problem with that?  I also put feta cheese and mushrooms on ’em when I feel like it.  Because I’m an American, dammit, and that’s my personal, free choice.  I haven’t put ketchup and French’s on my burgers since I discovered good-tasting condiments.  Like A-1 and Gulden’s Spicy Brown mustard.  I suppose that makes me somehow “elitist” or “unAmerican” in the eyes of such great American heroes as Sean “Towelface” Hannity.

This is what the right wing has been reduced to – criticizing Obama for irrelevant shit because they can’t really say anything of substance about the issues.  What a pathetic bunch of pansies.


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