This is what Revolution looks like

Posted: June 16, 2009 in ahmadinejad, election, iran, nutjob dictators, tyranny, vote fraud

Iranians in Revolt

Iranians in Revolt

Who saw this coming?  In 1979 when the Ayatollahs took over Iran’s government by occupying the American embassy and holding our people hostage for 444 days, they ushered in an “Islamic Revolution”.  For those of us who were alive to witness that pivotal moment, the thought that the same crowd that started their government with violence, terrorism and hostage-taking may see it end with themselves in the same position is both satisfying and a bit ironic.

The people who once incited crowds to shout “Death to America” now hear the same phrase ending in their own names.  History is not without a sense of irony.

Over the weekend, the Ayatollah Khamenei said that the election was “ordained by God”.  Today in light of highly likely charges of vote fraud and election rigging, the spiritual leader of the Islamic Republic appears to have changed his mind.  An investigation has been ordered by Khamenei.

Is this really how Ahmadinejad thinks democracy works?  Rigging elections and suppressing dissent?  He’s got a lot to learn about reality.  The younger generation of Iran is fed up with him and the Ayatollahs’ tyranny.  It’s time the leaders of the so-called Revolution stepped aside.  REAL revolution is sweeping across Iran, whether they like it or not.

Change is coming.  They can get on the train or get run over.


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