WTF am I?

I’m a tired old warhorse, or eagle, as the case may be. I’m retired from the military, I live in the northeastern U.S.A., and I can’t stand hot weather. I drink Guinness, eat curry, and race in the Halo circuits, sometimes all at the same time. I love to read, paint, sew and draw, and also I rant a lot about what the neoCons are doing to my country.

I’m against a lot of things, too many to list. Instead I’ll tell you what I’m for:

  • Universal Health Care
  • Clean, renewable energy NOW – more wind farms would be good
  • Good public schools with well-funded special education programs
  • Removal of mercury from ALL vaccines and medicines intended for human use
  • Withdrawal of American forces from Iraq and Afghanistan OR, immediate re-institution of the draft without exceptions
  • Outlawing of all models of Hummers
  • Increased funding for Autism research
  • Impeachment of the entire Bush Administration
  • Doing everything I can to piss off the extreme right
  • Doubling the top marginal tax rate
  • Teaching Esperanto as a language option in public schools

That’s just a partial list. The rest comes out when I rant…


Gunslinger in Hell

My Political Compass

My Political Compass