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Following is a letter I wrote but did not send to my local paper, in response to a front-page article this week.
Re. the January 6th article, “Towns lose watershed suit“, it comes as no surprise that a court based in Manhattan would rule against the rights of upstate citizens and communities.Under an EPA mandate waived last year, New York City would have had to install filtration systems and desalination plants, both of which would have reduced its dependency on Upstate New York for water and lessened the burden imposed on less wealthy communities in the Catskills. Instead of taking responsibility for its own water supply, the City succeeded in convincing a federal court that such measures would be too “costly” and was granted a ten-year waiver, in effect being given a license to pillage and plunder the poor for another decade. And at the end of this extension, I’m sure we can expect more of the same.

Interestingly, a search of the state’s premier newspaper, the New York Times, turns up not a single word written about this latest development. In fact, it’s very difficult to find any ink or bits devoted to covering Catskill Watershed issues between the pages of the Times. It’s very easy, however, to find articles about where to find “second homes”, “weekend retreats” and other “inexpensive” real estate. In other words, the City only really cares about upstate New York when it’s to their benefit to do so. Otherwise, they turn a blind eye to the damage they cause to the local communities by their insatiable desire for land.

New York City has been allowed to get away with treating the rest of the state as its feudal fiefdom for far too long. It’s time it started acting like a good neighbor instead of the greedy, grasping, overweening, bloodsucking parasite it’s been.

Why did I not send it?  Well, as it happens, the editor beat me to it.  The lead editorial was almost as scathing, but without the direct insults:

Surprise! NYC wins yet again

It’s not a surprise that a David lost another battle against a Goliath when Delaware watershed towns lost their legal battle to stop New York City’s exemption from filtering its water until at least 2017.

The towns of Hamden, Roxbury and Hunter had joined the Coalition of Watershed Towns in a suit against the federal Environmental Protection Agency over the Filtration Avoidance Determination waiver issued in 2007.

The 10-year waiver allows New York City to use water from the Catskill/Delaware system, which includes reservoirs at Cannonsville and Pepacton, provided it continues to take steps to ensure the quality of the water.

The fact that the city doesn’t have to spend $10 billion to build a filtration plant is the root of most of the animosity felt by leaders and residents of watershed towns in the Catskills and Delaware County.

That’s because the only way the EPA would issue filtration waivers to NYC is if the feds are sure that the water will be clean and drinkable anyway. And to achieve that certainty, the NYC Department of Environmental Protection is granted the authority to control most of the lands in the watershed. (click the link to read the rest)

New York City is nothing but a fat, bloated parasite leeching off its upstate neighbors.  I fucking hate the place.  New York would be much better off if the state would cut itself loose from the manacles of its feudal lords to the south.

Maybe if we started charging NYC use-taxes for the water and land it takes, the city leaders might think twice about what they’re doing.


And the country gets a giant, mailed fist up the ass.

Mukasey Wins Vote in Senate, Despite Doubts

53 to 40. Can you f***ing believe that? This proves nothing except that blackmail works. Bush basically threatened the Senate with another “recess appointment” of one of his Texas buddies – or someone like it – if they didn’t confirm Gonzales, I mean Mukasey.

Six “Democrats” joined 46 Republicans and one “Independent” to confirm Mook for the post of attorney general. Seven did not vote, of whom five are running for President. That means if 11 Democrats had voted with a conscience instead of submitting to extortion, Bush would now have to resort to his previous tactic of a midnight recess appointment of yet another sycophantically loyal, dangerously incompetent bumbler. Gonzales isn’t doing anything at the moment; maybe he’d be willing to come back.

This is a disaster for both the country and the Senate. In the face of clear and obvious presidential extortion, they caved, and had the nerve to tell us it was for the best. Those of us who grew up during the cold war used to call it “appeasement”. In other words, throwing meat at a tiger in the hopes it will eventually become a vegetarian.

In this case, Bush continues to run the Constitution through the shredder while Congress keeps handing him pages, in the hopes that he might read it before he destroys it.