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A report from the International Committee for the Red Cross on CIA detentions and torture, recently released to the public, has shed the white light of truth on the previous administration’s darkest secrets.

It reads like something from the Nuremberg Trials or the Vietnam era.  It describes the ordeals of fourteen “high value detainees” who were subjected to some of the worst treatment the CIA “interrogators” gave to their prisoners.  In one example, detainee Abu Zubaydah described a fairly standard transfer flight:

“The detainee would be made to wear a diaper and dressed in a tracksuit.  Earphones would be placed over his ears, through which music would sometimes be played.  He would be blindfolded with at least a cloth tied around the head and black goggles. … He does not know how long the transfer took but, prior to the transfer, he reported being told by his detaining authorities that he would be going on a journey that would last twenty-four to thirty hours.

“The detainee … would usually be transported in a reclined sitting position with his hands shackled in front. …The detainee was not allowed to go to the toilet and if necessary was obliged to urinate and defecate into the diaper.” (ICRC Report, page 7)

Lovely.  I’ve always said that the acid test for whether a given action is torture or not is if we’d put someone on trial for doing it to our people.  This stuff sounds like the worst of the stories from forced-labor camps in Soviet Russia.  And as usual, it’s not the worst.  No, what’s worse is the way the CIA, under the direction of the Bush administration, corrupted the function of doctors in support of its heinous crimes.

“During the course of their detention, detainees described three principal roles for health personnel whom they encountered.  Firstly, there was a direct role in monitoring the ongoing ill-treatment which, in some circumstances, involved the health personnel directly participating while certain methods were used.  Secondly, there was a role in performing a medical check just prior to, and just after, each transfer.  Finally, there was the provision of healthcare, to treat both the direct consequences of ill-treatment detailed in previous sections, and to treat any natural ailments that arose during the prolonged periods of detention.

“… In some cases it was alleged that, based on their assessments, health personnel gave instructions to interrogators to continue, to adjust or to stop particular methods.” (ICRC report, pp. 21-22)

In one case a detainee was told by a doctor, “I look after your body only because we need you for information.”

And you thought Cheney and Bush couldn’t sink any lower.  This almost precisely mirrors the way medical personnel were used by the North Vietnamese on our soldiers.

Don’t give me any shit about “they were trying to kill us” or “those people are the worst of the worst”.  Nothing justifies this – NOTHING.  It offends me as a veteran, and it should offend the honor and morality of every American citizen.  Bush and Cheney led us down the path of immorality, and they need to pay for it.

We should bring them up on charges of war crimes and torture, before someone else does, just to show the world that WE DON’T TOLERATE THIS.

Read the full report here.


This guy, that’s who:

That’s right, barely one day after correctly labeling Rush Limbaugh as ugly (well, look at the guy), incendiary, and a mere “entertainer” (debatable), GOP Chairman Michael Steele has been forced to crawl snivelingly back into the Republican fold and beg forgiveness from the Fat Bastard himself.

“My intent was not to go after Rush – I have enormous respect for Rush Limbaugh,” Steele said. “I was maybe a little bit inarticulate. … There was no attempt on my part to diminish his voice or his leadership.”

Pathetic.  In case you forgot, here’s video of what Steele actually said.  Try and find the part that’s not accurate in it:

Having trouble?  I couldn’t either.  Well, Steele has proven what we’ve all suspected – he’s nothing but the token black man in the all-white club known as the Republican Party.

Or should we call them the “Rush-publicans”?

How far the mighty have fallen.  Senator John McCain, once the proud standard bearer for the Republican party, media-anointed “maverick”, American war hero, has been reduced to nothing more than a demoagogue and hatemonger.

Well, it was inevitable.  After all, his campaign never had anything behind it other than “vote for me, I’m old and it’s my turn”.  And his volunary association with Rove protege Tim Griffin only made it worse.  But did it really have to devolve to this?  Twice in the past week, campaign rallies for the McCain/Palin ticket have begun with race-baiting jackasses working the crowds up to frenzied emotion by raising the specter of domestic terrorism and falsely linking it with opponent Barack Obama.   At both events the warm-up acts used Senator Obama’s middle name as an epithet to incite hatred, and cries of “terrorist” and calls for his assination could be clearly heard in the background.

Neither McCain nor Palin have denounced these hateful acts, leading one to believe they condone them.  Oh, sure, they can always say they didn’t know the speakers were going to do that, but the words will ring hollow especially considering there was no public repudiation of the speakers at the time of the event.  But then, McCain never was able to constructively deal with insults being directed at his opponents at his own rallies:

So, what did we expect?  Running as the Republican candidate this year was always an uphill battle, made the worse by McCain’s direct and very close relationship with the Bush administration.  But these latest events are really beyond the pale.  It’s one thing to want to win the race; everyone who runs for president wants that.  But it’s another thing entirely to want to win it so badly, so desperately, that you’ll do anything to claim that brass ring.  Its one thing to run a few negative ads against your opponent; that’s expected.  It’s another entirely to spew lie after lie in to the public consciousness and to tolerate and even encourage a steady barrage of hate and bile against the other side and hoping some of it will stick.

Fortunately, it seems not to be working.  Recent polls indicate that Obama is leading in nearly every battleground state, including several that were supposed “locks” for McCain.  And for their parts, the idiot who appeared in front of the crowd in his police uniform and incited hatred, and the idiot who shouted “kill him” are now currently under investigation.  The former for misusing his public office for political purposes, and the latter for, well, being stupid enough to call for the assassination of a presidential candidate.

The Secret Service takes these things seriously, as it turns out.

They’d better quit while they’re behind.  The McCain/Palin campaign is turning into this:

No, really. KKKarl Rove is going to be part of their regular lineup. Seriously. I’m not kidding.

Just when you thought Fox Noise couldn’t sink any lower, they go and hire the biggest propagandist since Joseph Goebbels.

And they’re supposed to be “Fair and Balanced.” What a sick joke.