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Until yesterday, the only media personalities who actually had the courage to submit themselves to waterboarding have been mainly from the left.  Though some may have been skeptical at first, all were arguably predisposed to believe waterboarding and torture are, at the very least, synonymous.  That is, that waterboarding is torture and therefore illegal and immoral.  All their experiences did was confirm their own preconceptions.

Until now.  Finally, a conservative radio talk show personality has had the integrity to find out, once and for all, for himself what waterboarding feels like.  No, unfortunately it’s not Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage or G. Gordon Liddy.  Erich “Mancow” Muller volunteered to do what Sean Hannity said he’d do a month ago and has so far been too much of a

to do it.  Here’s the video:

The best quote from that video, of course, is “I do not want to say this.  Absolutely torture.”

My hat is off to Mancow.  He lasted 6 seconds, probably about 4 seconds longer than I would have.  If Hannity had done it, that’d be $6,000 to charity from Keith Olbermann.