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Hey, kids!  Let’s have some fun with right-wing jackass and Faux Noise stuffed suit Sean Hannity!  It’s been nearly two months since he said he’d volunteer to be waterboarded “for charity”.  He still hasn’t done it, despite the fact that his colleague and friend Erich “Mancow” Muller did, and decided from his experience that it is, in fact, torture.

I’m not entirely sure why Hannity hasn’t done it yet, but I have a theory.  You see, like every other right-wing asshat who defends the so-called “enhanced interrogation methods” employed by Dick “Torquemada” Cheney, Hannity is a pussy.

He’s a yellow-bellied, lily-livered, asslicking, lying buffoon.

And next week will be the two-month anniversary of his pussyhood.  Let’s all have some fun and send him a pussy to help him celebrate it!  Here’s a picture of a nice, wet one that I’m sure he’ll appreciate:

Wet Pussy

See, it’s even got a yellow background, just like Sean himself!  Just download it, copy it, or whatever, and send it with your comments to  Or send one of your own pictures if you prefer.  Please, no pornography though, tempting as it may be.  I don’t want to give him any more talking points.  Keep it humourous.

I keep milking this because sometimes mockery is the most effective form of criticism.

Suck on that, right wing jackasses.

Here’s to all you nuts out there at your teabagging parties!  Hope they don’t peter out too soon.  I know the energy for these protests tends to come in spurts, but if you take the situation in hand and milk it for all it’s worth, I’m sure you can all score big!  Go for the money shot, and you’ll have this thing licked!

Meanwhile, here’s some entertainment for your viewing pleasure…

Keep it up!  We’re all pulling for you.

They’re mad as hell, and they’re not going to take it any more!

Teabaggers on parade

Teabaggers on parade

The right wing is tired of getting the shaft from Uncle Sam and is finally rising up.  They’re gonna stick it to the man!  On April 15, hard-core right wingers across the country will take the situation in hand and spread their (ahem) message far and wide.  It’ll be an orgy of revolt!  Or at least, a revolting orgy.

At gatherings across the nation they’re letting it all hang out…

As nutty as this idea is, I have to admit it’s going to take some real balls to pull it off.  They’re really taking this situation in hand.  I didn’t think the far right still had the stones to circle their wagons like this.  They could be just jerking our chains, but I think any ejaculations about their failure to perform may be premature.  You see, men like Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Neil Cavuto, and Greta Van Susteren are all planning on attending these group gropes, and are scheduled to broadcast live from tea parties from cities across the country on Tax Day.

So as long as there aren’t any cock-ups, this thing could really be in the bag.

Following is a letter I wrote but did not send to my local paper, in response to a front-page article this week.
Re. the January 6th article, “Towns lose watershed suit“, it comes as no surprise that a court based in Manhattan would rule against the rights of upstate citizens and communities.Under an EPA mandate waived last year, New York City would have had to install filtration systems and desalination plants, both of which would have reduced its dependency on Upstate New York for water and lessened the burden imposed on less wealthy communities in the Catskills. Instead of taking responsibility for its own water supply, the City succeeded in convincing a federal court that such measures would be too “costly” and was granted a ten-year waiver, in effect being given a license to pillage and plunder the poor for another decade. And at the end of this extension, I’m sure we can expect more of the same.

Interestingly, a search of the state’s premier newspaper, the New York Times, turns up not a single word written about this latest development. In fact, it’s very difficult to find any ink or bits devoted to covering Catskill Watershed issues between the pages of the Times. It’s very easy, however, to find articles about where to find “second homes”, “weekend retreats” and other “inexpensive” real estate. In other words, the City only really cares about upstate New York when it’s to their benefit to do so. Otherwise, they turn a blind eye to the damage they cause to the local communities by their insatiable desire for land.

New York City has been allowed to get away with treating the rest of the state as its feudal fiefdom for far too long. It’s time it started acting like a good neighbor instead of the greedy, grasping, overweening, bloodsucking parasite it’s been.

Why did I not send it?  Well, as it happens, the editor beat me to it.  The lead editorial was almost as scathing, but without the direct insults:

Surprise! NYC wins yet again

It’s not a surprise that a David lost another battle against a Goliath when Delaware watershed towns lost their legal battle to stop New York City’s exemption from filtering its water until at least 2017.

The towns of Hamden, Roxbury and Hunter had joined the Coalition of Watershed Towns in a suit against the federal Environmental Protection Agency over the Filtration Avoidance Determination waiver issued in 2007.

The 10-year waiver allows New York City to use water from the Catskill/Delaware system, which includes reservoirs at Cannonsville and Pepacton, provided it continues to take steps to ensure the quality of the water.

The fact that the city doesn’t have to spend $10 billion to build a filtration plant is the root of most of the animosity felt by leaders and residents of watershed towns in the Catskills and Delaware County.

That’s because the only way the EPA would issue filtration waivers to NYC is if the feds are sure that the water will be clean and drinkable anyway. And to achieve that certainty, the NYC Department of Environmental Protection is granted the authority to control most of the lands in the watershed. (click the link to read the rest)

New York City is nothing but a fat, bloated parasite leeching off its upstate neighbors.  I fucking hate the place.  New York would be much better off if the state would cut itself loose from the manacles of its feudal lords to the south.

Maybe if we started charging NYC use-taxes for the water and land it takes, the city leaders might think twice about what they’re doing.

In what is possibly the most untentionally hilarious opinion piece in today’s New York Times, Stanley Fish attempts to explain how Dubya might be “regarded with affection” after he leaves office.  No, really.  I’m not kidding:

In the past year I have hazarded a number of political predictions, some of which (like the prediction that in a McCain-Obama matchup the Iraq war would play for the Republicans) panned out, and some of which (like the prediction that Hillary Clinton would easily win the Democratic nomination) didn’t.

Now I would like to enter these treacherous waters again and venture another prediction: within a year of the day he leaves office, and no matter who succeeds him, George W. Bush will be a popular public figure, regarded with affection and a little nostalgia even by those who voted against him and thought he was the worst president in our history.

Yes, I know that right now Mr. Bush is associated with an unpopular and disastrously expensive war, with an economic collapse brought about in part by an administration that abhors regulation, with a spectacularly inadequate response to hurricane Katrina, with a precipitous decline in America’s reputation. After all, this is a guy whose name was never mentioned at the national convention of his own party, the guy that John McCain seems barely able to remember (just as after the Enron debacle Bush seemed barely able to remember that he ever knew Kenneth Lay).

But when Bush leaves office, he leaves behind all those liabilities, even though he had a large part in producing them. The war, the economy, the environment, the Middle East, a newly bellicose Russia — these will all be either McCain’s or Obama’s problems, and Bush will just be someone who shows up regularly and says mildly self-deprecating things about himself on the way to doing some good deed, perhaps in the company of his father and Bill Clinton.

What does Bush have to do? Not much, just be himself, not the wise and inspiring leader of the Western world — he never quite got that one right — but the amiable, funny, folksy and gregarious guy who tricked himself and the rest of us into thinking he was something more. Now he doesn’t have to do that. We’ll not be depending on him, so we’ll be free to like him.

And the fact is that he’s likable. I don’t mean on the superficial level of being someone you’d want to have a beer with. It’s deeper than that. He comes across as a basically decent man who is at peace with himself. Despite the fun poked at his verbal maladroitness, he is actually quite skillful (certainly more skillful than either Al Gore or John Kerry) in conveying his positions succinctly and persuasively. (He didn’t win two national elections — well, maybe one — by accident.) He may not be an intellectual, but he isn’t dumb and he is shrewd enough to play his “aw shucks” personality for all it’s worth. And he has a really good sense of humor (something Barack Obama seems to lack) and a comedian’s ability to make capital out of his own malapropisms. Putting aside the agendas for which he will no longer be held responsible, what’s not to like?

In addition, the road to rehabilitation will be shorter for him than it was for some of his predecessors. It took a while for Harry Truman’s feistiness to erase the memory of the 22 percent favorable rating he had at the end of his tenure. Richard Nixon had to make his way back from disgrace, and he did it being smarter than anyone else (he was, I think, the smartest president of the 20th century) and becoming an astute political commentator and historian. Jimmy Carter just continued being good and after a while it payed off in a Nobel Prize. Bush I’s basic, undemanding decency kept shining through after he left office. Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan didn’t need rehabilitation; each would have won a third term easily and still could (even though Reagan is dead).

Of course, rehabilitation can’t begin until your term is over, which may be why Bush is acting as if his term is, in fact, over. Some think that either Henry Paulson or Nancy Pelosi is now president. There are still occasional foreign policy forays and talks with international leaders, but they seem more ceremonial than substantive. Bush remains the titular head of his party, but the party is running away from him, and he seems irrelevant to the political process. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, for it allows him to appear to be above the fray as he prepares to exit or, rather, as he is already exiting.

How will he occupy his time? Roving ambassador? Baseball commissioner? University president? (Don’t groan; he’d probably be good at it.) I don’t know, but I do expect that one night in the not-too-distant future, some TV host will be calling for the drum roll and announcing, with pleasure and pride, “Heeeere’s Georgie.”

I don’t normally repost articles in their entirety, but felt this one deserved particular attention and comment.  Hundreds of comments follow on the original page, and run the gamut from guarded agreement to scathing opposition.  You can guess where the majority of responses fall.

Let’s see, we have a president who, during his eight years in office, presided over:

  1. Two wars, one of revenge and the other an illegal war of, well, revenge
  2. A half-assed overreaction to the most significant terrorist act committed against any major power
  3. The erosion of our civil liberties
  4. A botched and incompetent disaster relief non-effort after an entire city was nearly wiped off the map (2005, New Orleans, look it up)
  5. The squandering of international goodwill toward America
  6. The overt use of mercenaries in (1) above
  7. The systematic abuse and neglect of our nation’s veterans
  8. The use of torture, extraordinary rendition, secret prisons overseas, and military-style trials for civilians, detentions without habeas corpus or trial – all activities previously associated with the worst dictators on the planet
  9. The worst financial crisis to hit the nation since the Great Depression
  10. Abuse and misuse of our nation’s armed forces

What exactly will we remember him fondly for?  The worst is, this is only a partial list.  Just what I could think of off the top of my head.

He’s not likeable, he’s not even competent.  Everything he’s touched has turned to shit.  And that includes our great nation.  He’s been a walking clusterfuck as President, and the worst example of low-class humanity that ever existed.  A thug, a brute and a dictator, GWB should have been impeached years ago.

Maybe he can spend the rest of his life in Argentina with all the other retired dictators.