Bloggers bitch-slap bridge bullies, bridge babes back

Posted: November 23, 2007 in america, bridge, freedom, politics, protest, voting

In a finale to the bridge brouhaha, the USBF has dropped its attempts at punishing the ladies who publicly admitted they didn’t help put the worst President in American history in the White House. Here’s the full story:

Bridge World Brouhaha Ends With a Statement, Not Punishment for Players

Let’s hope we’ve heard the last of this miserable little sideshow. Not that it isn’t important, mind you. The punishment of individuals by the group for perceived violations of political correctness is an issue of monumental significance. And that’s exactly what this was.

Not to sound egotistical, but it can’t be coincidence that this decision comes only a few days after several “liberal” bloggers – or at least, bloggers labeled as such by Amy Ridenour of the NCPPR – began commenting scathingly on the USBF’s draconian actions. I feel especially vindicated, since this blog was one of three selected for special consideration (the other two are here and here). I was, to say the least, bemused to see myself described as a “liberal”. Apparently all it takes these days to be labeled as such is to say something unfavorable (or truthful) about the President. The Neoconservative minority certainly has taken public discourse to a new level.

And so this whole sorry episode draws to the only favorable conclusion possible. I hope we’ve heard the last of it. I’m bushed by bloviating, babbling and blabbing about bridge bullshit.


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